Farewell Mike Presdee


As many of you may know by now University of Kent Criminologist Mike Presdee passed away on 10 July 2009 after a long battle with cancer.  Mike was an active contributor to the growing field of cultural criminology for which his unique take on the nexus of youth culture and its criminalisation was a natural fit.  With an intensity honed as a Royal Marine and youth educator Mike’s writing was as vivid as it was penetrating.  As we remember Mike as an active contributor and advocate of critical criminology in all of its manifestations we are reminded to not only look for the subterranean forms of resistance and carnival in the environments that surround us but to actively engage with the fete of modern life for that is where this work of ours comes alive.

For those wishing to send condolences please contact us privately for a contact address.  An obituary for Mike was published in the Guardian Newspaper.  N.b. A longer obituatry will be published in the coming months in the journal Crime, Media and Culture for which Mike was an active contributor both as an author and reviewer.


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