Hotels and Hostels

Whilst there are a couple of options close to the campus, most of the hostels and hotels we are suggesting have been chosen because they are within walking distance of a station on the underground line that goes to Hendon Central from where it is a ten minute walk to the campus. Cheaper hostel accommodation is shown first followed by some relatively inexpensive hotels. You may want to bear in mind that the evening/social programme will involve travelling into central London so there would be advantages, if you plan staying out late, to being part way between Hendon and central London.


The following are listed in order of their distance from Hendon campus. The nearest underground station is indicated in brackets.

London Backpackers Hostel, Hendon (within ten minutes walking distance of campus and close to Hendon Central)

Belsize House (Belsize Park Underground)

Smart Camden Inn (Camden Town Underground)

St Christophers Inn, Camden (Camden Town Underground)

Journeys King’s Cross Hostel (King’s Cross St Pancras)

YHA London St Pancras (King’s Cross St Pancras/Euston)

There are several other options, too numerous to list, but see .


The first two are within walking distance of the campus. The rest are within walking at most 15 minutes distance of an underground station on the Northern Line, as identified in brackets.

The Pillar Hotel (within 10 minutes walking distance of Hendon Central & 15-20 minutes of campus)

Hendon Hall Hotel (within 10 minutes walking distance of campus and 20 minutes of Hendon Central, expensive!)

King Solomon Hotel (Golders Green/Brent Cross)

Golders Green Hotel (Golders Green)

Haverstock Hotel (Belsize Park);label=london%2Fhampstead-UJasEBaCOMXsHa6T1al9GgS8744691141%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap1t1%3Aneg;sid=99e8cd44742ba3ad52fc1eb450a95763;dcid=1

Camden Lock Hotel (Chalk Farm/Camden Town)

Again there are obviously many more options than list this suggests. See or etc. The more confident you are negotiating the underground, the greater your options


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