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US Travel Restrictions – Visa Waiver Programme

Just a reminder for those attending the Common Session in NYC if you have not already done so previously (and do not hold a US Passport), you will need to apply for a visa waiver at least 72 hours BEFORE your flight.  The registration process takes about 10 minutes an requires a valid passport and a credit card (application fee is $14). (Thanks to Christian for highlighting this reminder)

See: for more information and the registration form

“International travelers who are seeking to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) are now subject to enhanced security requirements and will be required to pay an administrative fee. All eligible travelers who wish to travel to the U.S. under the Visa Waiver Program must apply for authorization and then pay the fee using the following process”


More NYC travel information posted

If you will be attending the upcoming Common Session in NYC you will find more (travel and accommodation) information posted in current Common Session page at the top of the page.

New Documentary Films Posted

As we all return to the classrooms and lecture theatres there are a few new documentary films posted (hyperlinked) in the Videos section that are sure to be of interest.  These films produced by Vice TV capture the complexity of ‘vice’–power, hedonism, exploitation, and (il)legality.  The most recent film explores and exposes the organised sexual exploitation of children in India under the pretenses of the Devadasi religious tradition.  Earlier films explore the phenomenon of Narco-Cinema in drug-war-torn Mexico and the human and social casualties of the heroin epidemic in south Wales.   There are a number of other fascinating films on Vice TV ( that may be of interest as well.  If anyone else has seen recent films, documentary or otherwise, that are likely to be of interest and are available (legally) online please do forward the link.

Volcano Update

The Common Session will go on uninterrupted, though scheduling concessions can be made for those presenters whose original flight is delayed causing them to miss their original presentation slot but still are able to attend.  The German airspace is still at least partially closed due to volcanic ash but it may reopen in time for the conference.  The Hamburg airport, in particular, is closed until 2 am, 18th April – probably longer. For more information please see:

Student Roundtable (second request)

If you are interested to participate in a student round-table discussion on the topic of border security and the role of ‘Frontex’ in Europe please email Susan Knickmeier ( as soon as possible.  Again this round-table will be separate from the student debate which all are also welcome to attend.  This round-table is a great opportunity to participate in the conference without having to present a paper.  She has waived the abstract request so there it is very easy to participate.

Student Debate and Student Roundtable

The two debate topics/statements for the upcoming student debate in Hamburg have been posted in the discussion page here. The first question concerns social networking sites while the second question concerns dealing with surveillance.

Additionally, Susan Knickmeier has organised a student roundtable discussion, which will be separate to the student debate, on the topic of European border control and particularly the role of ‘Frontex’.  If you are interested to participate in that roundtable please contact Susan Knickmeier by 1 April with a brief abstract of your interest in the issue.  For more information please see the call for papers linked here.

Upcoming Student Debate

There is a request for potential topics for the upcoming student debate/discussion in Hamburg posted in the Forum page.  You may note the Forum page has been temporarily re-named ‘Discussion’ after it was noted that some may have difficulty locating the forum.  If this proves even more confusing it can be quickly changed back.   Remember to reach the forum page just think who wrote ‘Das Kapital’ or ‘Capital’.

Spring Common Session info updated

Visit the Spring 2010 Common Session page above to view the latest information on the conference theme, the call for papers, and accommodation information.

The Wire

The complete first season of HBO’s critically acclaimed show The Wire has been linked to in the video pageThe Wire chronicles the complex and gritty reality of crime in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.  Although obviously fictional The Wire has been heralded for its ability to dispatch with the artificial binaries [good and evil] preferred in most filmic representations of crime while capturing the raw humanity that blurs all boundaries…  Enjoy.

First Student Debate

For more information on the first annual student debate please visit the Forum page.