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Updated Information for the 25th Anniversary Common Session

Please take a moment to visit the upcoming Common Session page above.  New information has been posted.  If there is other helpful information or links please forward them to Matt or Yarin Eski at Erasmus for inclusion.  Keep an eye on this site as there will undoubtedly be more information posted later.

While preparing for the session please also consider jotting down some notes for the student meeting.  If you have any concerns, ideas, or proposals this is an ideal forum to raise them.  Change takes time but if the students are able to build a critical mass of support for particular ideas it will undoubtedly be recognized as such.  Also feel free to post on the forum page.  If you do not have the password and are a member of a participating University ask your local Staff Coordinator or post a reply where it says ‘Leave A Comment’ with an email address and I will respond.  Unless you request for it to be left active any posts with email addresses will not be made publicly accessible where spammers can find it.