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New Documentary Films Posted

As we all return to the classrooms and lecture theatres there are a few new documentary films posted (hyperlinked) in the Videos section that are sure to be of interest.  These films produced by Vice TV capture the complexity of ‘vice’–power, hedonism, exploitation, and (il)legality.  The most recent film explores and exposes the organised sexual exploitation of children in India under the pretenses of the Devadasi religious tradition.  Earlier films explore the phenomenon of Narco-Cinema in drug-war-torn Mexico and the human and social casualties of the heroin epidemic in south Wales.   There are a number of other fascinating films on Vice TV ( that may be of interest as well.  If anyone else has seen recent films, documentary or otherwise, that are likely to be of interest and are available (legally) online please do forward the link.

Advertisements launched

We have finally purchased the domain which is now operational.  While still a bit unwieldy the domain is considerably shorter than previously.  So please update your bookmarks accordingly.  This also allows us to move off the wordpress server or to a (a different system) if we so choose.

Pages removed

After recieving some comments in Barcelona that the redundant list of pages along the right hand side was confusing, I have temporarily removed them.  As you will note some pages appeared to be only available along the side (i.e. videos or photographs).  They are not missing, they are hyperlinked under their respective topic.  If people would rather go back to the previous set up it can be done easily.

‘Common Session’ Information Template

One of the key points to come out of the student meeting was a desire for local information about the ‘session’ and the site to be made available in ample time for students to plan their trips and expenses.  Developing a common template for each session was discussed as it would facilitate the smooth transition from one ‘session’ to the next.  So, as we begin the long process of developing a suitable website for the Programe we would like feedback on what information would be useful in planning your trip to each session.  (It is important to note that this information template is designed to consolidate info on the upcoming session and is separate from more general information about the programme (i.e. the forum, the history, and the archives)).  The following is an abridged version that was briefly discussed which is offered here to encourage conversation and comment.  Now it is your time to do your part and input your feedback. 

Here goes:

A Call for Papers – which mentions the ‘theme’ of the conference.

A Schedule of Events – to the extent that they are known in advance, at very least the dates of the conference.

Information on local accommodations and travel options – if possible a list of reasonably priced yet suitable accommodations in the local area.  In addition, if possible, links to recommended sites for local public transport and tips if known.

Conference contacts – Both the official faculty contact and a student contact if one is available and willing to serve in the capacity.

Miscellaneous – i.e. local entertainment options, local food options, ‘in case of emergency’ info, travel restrictions (visa requirements), maps of the local area, etc.

If you have anything to add here, remembering that the forum page and more generic information is best housed in a separate window or page, please feel free to comment.